Scheduled Volumes Report & INSIDEtracc Enhancements

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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Your wish is our command here at PG&E’s California Gas Transmission. Based on your feedback, we’re launching enhancements to the E-mail Cut Report for the Schedule Process and adding a new screen to INSIDEtracc! These enhancements will go live on Wednesday, February 17, 2016.

Improved E-mail Cut Report for the Schedule Process

When the E-mail Cut Reports made their debut a few years back, the intention was to alert customers whenever they had received a cut during the Schedule or Confirm Process. This has encouraged you to take appropriate action such as calling your counterparty or the upstream pipeline to find out what happened.

Currently, for example, if you nominate 10,000 Dths and 1,000 Dths are cut during the Confirm Process, the E-mail Cut Report for the Confirm Process shows you a 1,000 Dth cut. Subsequently, if your nomination suffers another 500 Dths cut during the Schedule Process, the E-mail Cut Report for the Schedule Process shows you a cut of 500 Dths.

With our new update, the E-mail Cut Report for the Schedule Process will now show you both Confirm AND Schedule Process cuts. Continuing with the above example, the updated E-mail Cut Report for the Schedule Process will now show both the 1,000 Dths cut from the Confirm Process as well as the 500 Dth cut from the Schedule Process. This not only gives you a more convenient breakdown of cuts, but also brings the Schedule E-mail Cut Report closer in-line with our 110 Report which already shows aggregate cut information.

NEW Query Contract Limit Check Screen

The NEW Query Contract Limit Check screen will hopefully help you avoid Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ) cuts before they happen. If any of your nominations happen to use an exhibit with an MDQ limit, the Query Contract Limit Check screen will show you all the MDQs for any exhibits being used by your nominations for that gas day. The screen will also show you how much you’ve nominated against that exhibit as well as how much you are over or under the limit. The types of exhibits for which MDQs will be displayed include transportation exhibits, storage exhibits, and park and lend exhibits.

Alongside each exhibit being used on that particular gas day, you’ll also see a beaker icon which, like the Query Pool Balance screen, will provide you with quick, at-a-glance information of where you stand. A red beaker means you’ve exceeded that exhibit’s MDQ while a green beaker means you are safely at or under the exhibit’s MDQ. All of this information is displayed on the Query Contract Limit Check screen as soon as you submit your nominations. So, if you see a red beaker next to the exhibit, you will be able to take immediate corrective action to get your nomination(s) under the MDQ and avoid cuts.

This new Query Contract Limit Check screen can be found under the Nominations tab in INSIDEtracc.

If you have any questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to reach out to the CGT Gas Scheduling team or your CGT Account Manager. Also, watch for the bright red “10” target icon on our Pipe Ranger news articles. This is our way of letting you know that CGT is working hard to improve our systems and keep you a satisfied customer!

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