What We’ve Done For You Lately

Monday, October 26, 2015

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As California Gas Transmission comes to the end of another year, it’s time to reflect on system improvements we have made over the last year to better serve you, our amazing customers.

INSIDEtracc Improvements

  • INSIDEtracc time out setting increased to two hours
  • Cut code reports (100 and 110 Reports) have clearer descriptions and recommended actions; the Replace volume or Rank screen matches information on Pipe Ranger reference documents
  • 405A Report shows each customer’s usage data on one line instead of two and easily allows it to be put into an Excel document
  • INSIDEtracc User Documentation has been updated
  • New Data Center location provides faster, more reliable servers
  • Cut Codes Nom-01 and Nom-02-related cut information is now easily accessible
  • Visual Countdown Timer, with 20-minute and 2-minute warning pop-ups

The Grid

  • As promised last year, nominations are aggregated by gas day, cycle and location on Pipe Ranger’s Grid page

Pipe Ranger

  • Baja Path Capacity now shows two numbers – Hinkley and Kettleman, to give customers a clearer view of the impacts of specific maintenance constraints. When used with the Capacity Impacts at Kettleman or Hinkley map you can get a better understanding of the dynamics of the Baja Path

As we move into 2016, we will continue to listen to your suggestions in our commitment to provide you with excellent customer service. We want to make your CGT experience great!