Small Improvement Toward Customer Satisfaction

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Customer Satisfaction icon

Ever get timed-out of INSIDEtracc?  Ever think, "Wait, it hasn't been that long!"?  PG&E's California Gas Transmission is pleased to announce a small improvement to that particular problem.

If you are logged into INSIDEtracc and are being active in the application, the time-out time is two hours.  CGT has now changed the time-out time for situations when you are logged in, but are inactive.   This has been extended from one hour to two hours.

We hope this reduces an annoyance point in doing business with us!

If you are ever logged into INSIDEtracc and you believe you have been "booted out" after a time that is much less than two hours, please call your CGT Account Manager immediately, so we can assist in trouble-shooting the problem.