Baja Path Capacity Reporting Change

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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PG&E’s California Gas Transmission is pleased to bring you an improvement to how the capacity on the Baja Path is reported. On the Physical Pipeline Capacity chart and on the front page, the Baja Path Capacity has previously been shown as one number, which actually reflects the lesser of the physical capacity available at the Hinkley Compressor Station and the Kettleman Compressor Station. This could cause confusion by giving only a one-dimensional view of what can flow on Baja.

Starting today, CGT will be showing two numbers for Baja Path capacity: “Baja Path Capacity – Hinkley” and “Baja Path Capacity – Kettleman.”

By knowing the physical capacities at both of these points, we believe customers will have a better view of the available capacity on the Baja Path. Please remember that we have a more detailed map to use in understanding this complex path.

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