GT&S Rate Case Update

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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In early June, the CPUC held a pre-hearing conference (PHC) in PG&E’s 2015 GT&S Rate Case. The purpose of the PHC was to hear comments on how to reconcile the $850 million disallowance from the San Bruno Penalty Decision with PG&E’s yet-to-be-determined authorized revenue requirement for 2015-2017. Following the PHC, the judge issued a revised procedural schedule for the case.

The revised schedule is based on a two-step approach to reach resolution:

Step 1. Reach a final decision to determine the revenue requirement in the 2015 GT&S Rate Case

Step 2. Reach a second decision focused on the disallowance for safety related programs or projects

Final rates will not be put in place until both steps are complete.

Based on the current estimated timeline, final rates are not anticipated to be in place until June of 2016. Between January 1, 2016 and the effective date of final approved rates, the rates that will be in effect are expected to be the same as the rates in effect currently (2015 Rates).

The following proposed schedule came out of the Pre-Hearing Conference:

Additional testimony and workshop June - August 2015
Evidentiary Hearings, if necessary September 1, 2015
Opening Briefs and Reply Briefs September 2015
Proposed Decision on GT&S Rate Case 90 days after Reply Briefs - Approx. December 21 if hearings are required
Comments and Reply Comments January 2016
Final Decision on GT&S Rate Case 30 days after Proposed Decision - January 2016
Opening Briefs and Reply Briefs on Disallowance February 2016
Proposed Decision on Disallowance Within 60 days of Reply Briefs - April 2016
Comments and Reply Comments April - May 2016
Final Decision on Disallowance May 2016

Stay tuned to Pipe Ranger for updates as the Rate Case continues to move forward.