Dear Sadie

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

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Dear Readers,

Sadie here.  This is harsh-truth-Thursday!  I am a person who likes attention…a lot of attention.  And I’m not feelin’ the love from you people!  We have eight more weeks together, and I want us to get along.

Sooooo, I’m upping the stakes.  At the end of our time together, there will be a quiz.  And there will be prizes.

Do I have your attention now?  Read on…

Mystified & Confounded - Pipeline Capacities

Dear Sadie,
Where can I find how much space is available on Baja?
Mystified in Missouri City

Dear Sadie,
Is there gonna be room on the Redwood path for my Intraday 2 nom?
Confounded in Conroe

Dear Readers,

Information regarding CGT’s pipeline capacity (in MMcf) can be found here on Pipe Ranger.  As a rule, the capacity fluctuates based on the time of year as well as any planned and/or unplanned maintenance.  To see what is actually confirmed and scheduled on the pipe, you can check “The Grid” which shows the volumes in Dth at each interconnect throughout the gas day.  The difference between the pipeline capacity and scheduled volumes on the pipe (after adjusting for units) will represent available space.

As to whether or not there will be room for your Intraday 2 nomination, that all depends on whether the pipeline is running full.  If it’s not running full, then it’s likely your nom will flow as long as it’s not so large that it would exceed the remaining capacity.  However, if the pipe is running full, then most likely your nomination will not flow unless, unpredictably, another customer suddenly decides to reduce their nomination by the same amount as the volume you were trying to flow, thereby creating space for your nomination.

Hope that helps!

Catch ya on the next nom cycle, and be safe!