Dear Sadie

Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Dear Readers,

Sadie here. Happy Thursday again! Hope you all are having a good week. I am! I got a new cat! Her name is “Decatherm.” She’s a big ball of lovin’ fur…actually 28 pounds. Hmmm, maybe I should have called her “MDecatherm!”

But I digress. To today’s topic…pools! (And we know cats don’t like pools). Please read on.

Nuts, Unhinged, & Nonplussed - Pools Turning into TSAs!?

Dear Sadie,
I entered a nom to bring gas into my pool from a TSA at Malin and both the Source and Dest LOCATIONS were identical (MAL). However, when I went to submit the nom, INSIDEtracc generated some kind of validation error message stating that TRANSPORT was needed. That’s crazy! I’m not transporting the gas anywhere – I’m just bringing the gas into my pool! What’s going on? Is your system broken?
Going Nuts in Norwich

Dear Sadie,
The other day, I was manually inputting a nomination and entered my pool as the Source ID. However, when I tabbed off the field, in the adjacent description field (which normally just auto fills), INSIDEtracc prompted me to choose between my pool and a TSA. What the heck? Why am I being prompted to choose? I thought a pool is just a pool. Is this some kind of practical joke?
Unhinged in Underwood

Dear Sadie,
My counterparty and I are NOT matching and as far as we can tell, our nominations appear identical. She’s blaming me, and I think it’s HER fault. Please help!!
Nonplussed in Newark

Dear Readers,

All of these questions speak to three different symptoms of the same problem – namely, what can happen if you, or your counterparty, accidentally turn a pool into a TSA. “Turn my pool into a TSA!?" you exclaim. “How is that even possible?”

Well, my dear readers, it’s actually easier than you might think! On the Manual Input screen, all it takes is an accidental check of the “Create Srce TSA” or “Create Dest TSA” checkbox on your nominations with your pool in the Source ID or Dest ID field and then submitting it. Because INSIDEtracc allows the user to create TSA’s on the fly using this checkbox, if the user inadvertently checks the checkbox while a pool is in the Source or Dest field, then voila! – The user just turned a pool into a TSA.

Another way it can happen involves the use of the nomination import spreadsheet. If the user copies information from a nomination on one row to another and then changes some of the information, not realizing the original row had a “Y” in the “Create Source TSA” or “Create Dest TSA” column, and enters a pool in the “Source ID” or “Dest ID” field, then voila again! – The user just turned a pool into a TSA.

So, please readers! Be careful out there! If you’re creating a TSA on-the-fly, be careful to only put a “Y” in the “Create TSA” column on your importing spreadsheet or to only check the “Create TSA” checkbox on the Manual Input Screen if the Source ID or Dest ID is actually a TSA! That way, you’ll keep your pools as pools and your TSAs as TSAs.

Hope that helps!

Catch ya on the next nom cycle, and be safe!