Dear Sadie

Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Hello All,

Sadie here. I can hardly believe it’s Thursday again! This week has flown, but I’ve missed you!

This week’s column addresses multiple quandaries regarding MDQs. I know, sometimes we think of them as “miserable d**n quantities,” but with a little knowledge, they shouldn’t bother you a bit! Read on…

Embarrassed, Clueless, & Stumped - Cuts Due to MDQs

Dear Sadie,
My nomination got cut because of MDQ. What’s going on?
Embarrassed in Englewood

Dear Sadie,
I’ve looked everywhere, but I simply can’t find my contract’s MDQ. How do I find it?
Clueless in Clute

Dear Sadie,
My nomination got cut because of MDQ. How can I raise my MDQ?
Stumped in Sacramento

Dear Embarrassed, Clueless, and Stumped,

(Why, that sounds like me in high school!)

Seriously though…Every transportation exhibit, park exhibit, lend exhibit and storage exhibit that’s created in INSIDEtracc has a Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ) which establishes how much gas is allowed to flow per day. It’s worth knowing what this volume is at the time you’re entering your noms so you don’t have any ugly surprises during processing that could cause you to lose space on the pipe.

You can find this number, as well as a host of other information related to your contract, by navigating to the Contracts menu, Query Exhibits and selecting the type of contract. Once you filter the contracts to find the one you’re looking for, click on the magnifying glass in the Action column. In the popup box, the link titled Limits will have all the pertinent information regarding the contract’s MDQ.

Whether the MDQ for an exhibit is reached is based on the volume being nominated, not on what is confirmed or actually flows. For example, if you have a 10,000 Dth nomination using a transport exhibit with an MDQ of 10,000 Dth, and only 5,000 Dth actually flows, you can’t simply add a second, “backup” nomination of 5,000 Dth using that same transport exhibit with the intent that the second nom would make up for the unused capacity remaining from that first nom.

During the confirmation process, INSIDEtracc sums nominations with the same transport exhibit and would determine you’ve nominated 15,000 Dths on an exhibit with an MDQ of 10,000 Dth, and cut the second nomination accordingly for exceeding the contract MDQ.

If the MDQ of your transport exhibit really is too low and you want to have it raised, you’ll need to call the helpful Sales folks in Wholesale Marketing and Business Development. Jaime, Shannon or Roger will be more than happy to talk with you about your needs and can often make the contract change within the same gas day.

Hope that helps!

Catch ya on the next nom cycle, and be safe!