Dear Sadie

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

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Hello All,

Sadie here.  Oh, scuze me...I need to introduce myself.   My name is Sadie O. Scheduler.  I have been hired by CGT to write this weekly column.  That's pronounced "Say-dee", not "Shah-day.”  I'm not from Hollywood, although you might expect me to be a celebrity...those people from CGT are just that classy....but no.    I'm actually from right here, the Ranch in San Ramon.  That’s “Bishop Ranch, Northern California’s Premier Office Park”, but “the Ranch” is so much easier…and sounds more fun than it really is!

Anyhoo.  I'm coming at'cha every Thursday with answers to your most burning scheduling questions.  Feel free to write me with your own questions.  Even if you think your question is really dumb, we’ve got your back….we’ll give you an alias!  But for this first column, I'll start with a question that we've received many times in the past.

Catch ya on the next nom cycle!  (That's my'll be seeing that every Thursday too!)
Be safe!

Stymied in Stamford - Nomination Screens

Dear Sadie,
CGT has so many screens to check my noms that I never know which one to use when.  Can you please straighten me out?
Stymied in Stamford

Dear Stymied,
That is a great question!  I was confused too, when I first starting working with the folks here at CGT.  Let me try to dissipate your confusedness, honey.

Essentially, INSIDEtracc makes a distinction between nominations that have been processed and nominations that have not been processed.  The Copy/Query Unprocessed Noms screen is used to check your new nominations after they’ve been uploaded or entered manually into INSIDEtracc and before they are processed.  This screen is used to identify whether you were successful entering your nominations, whether your nominations have been matched by another party or to copy an existing nomination in order to create a new  future nomination.

Once nominations have been processed, you can check for cuts or no cuts using the Query Nomination Details (QND) screen. This screen has two views, View Details(default) and View by Cycle. The View Details view shows how much of each of your nominations has been confirmed and/or scheduled as well as any cut volume(s). 

From this view you can edit each nomination using the magnifying glass icon in the Action column, allowing you to increase/decrease volumes or change rank OR you can quickly navigate to the import or manual input screens if you need to add a new nomination. Querying a pool from this screen will display all the incoming nominations (supply) for that pool in one panel and all the outgoing nominations (market) in a separate panel right below it, just like the Query Nominations by Entity screen.

The View By Cycle screen shows the history of each nomination over the various cycles of the gas day including any volume and/or ranking changes. This view requires you to first filter your nominations by either a contract (transportation, park, lend, etc.) or a pool.

An older screen, Query/Replace Processed Noms, shows you all your processed nominations but has some limitations.  Although you can edit your nomination(s) from this screen, there are no quick access buttons which allow you to add a new nomination, nor can you view your nominations by cycle.  Furthermore, unlike the QND screen, when querying a pool, this screen cannot break out the nominations going in and out of that pool in one query.  If you choose to use the Query/Replace Processed Noms screen to view activity in and out of a pool, it requires two separate queries - first you would enter the pool as a source and then you would need to enter that pool as a destination.  Eventually, this screen will be phased out.

Hope that helps, S.

Catch ya on the next nom cycle and be safe!