The Grid is Here!

Monday, December 22, 2014

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The Grid is now available on Pipe Ranger! This new page is the result of customer requests this year. The Grid shows confirmed and scheduled volumes, by cycle, for each interconnect on the California Gas Transmission system. Access to The Grid is available on the Pipeline Status page, right hand column of the menu items, bottom option.

Three things to note about The Grid:

  • The information is available for tomorrow's gas day (the default when you enter The Grid page), today's gas day, and yesterday's gas day, by using the radio buttons at the top of the screen. This is a rolling three days, so days before yesterday will not be available, nor will days after tomorrow.
  • Total injections and total withdrawals are available at the bottom of the chart. As you will see in the footnote, these numbers represent the total scheduled volumes into Wild Goose Storage, Lodi Storage, Gill Ranch Storage, PG&E storage facilities, and parking and lending activity.
  • You can view this data in Excel simply by choosing the "Excel" option in the "view" selection box at the top of the page, and entering "go."

We hope you find The Grid of value. Please feel free to share your comments with your CGT Sales Representative or your CGT Account Manager. Happy Holidays from CGT!

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