New Report in INSIDEtracc: Billed Usage Report

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

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PG&E's California Gas Transmission is delighted to bring our customers a new report in INSIDEtracc: "Billed Usage by Agent - Monthly Summary (407 Report)."

For all noncore end-use customers for whom you are an agent (the NBAA holder, or simply the Nominating Agent), this report will show you the billed usage for a particular month. This allows you to bill your customers as soon as you possibly more need to wait for the paper copy in the mail or call your CGT Account Manager to ask for copies of bills!

PG&E bills its noncore end-use customers between the first and the tenth of each month. As soon as a bill has been generated for a particular noncore end-use customer that you represent, the billing-quality usage data for that customer will appear on your 407 Report. Each day during the billing period, as more of your end-use customers are billed, their billed usage will show up on your 407 Report.

The 407 Report is currently available. Since the first business day of November is November 3rd, you should expect your customers' billed usage to start showing up on your particular report starting early in the week, with more customers continuing to show up each day as more bills are generated.

Please be aware that the usage data that shows up in INSIDEtracc's "Query Usage" screen continues to be unreviewed, real-time, non-billing-quality data. Billing quality data only shows up on the 407 Report, and only after a bill has been generated for an individual noncore end-use customer.

We know you'll find this new report a "win!" If you have any questions, please call your CGT Account Manager.