CGT Pipe Ranger Contest - Final Results

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

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We "tricked" you last Friday, making you wait a few more days for the winners list. At that time, we promised to let you in on the "treats" today.

To the top five finishers...congratulations!!! You will all be receiving prizes. We will reach out to you individually to discuss your prize selection.

Drumroll please...and the winners are...

Name Total Points
Lisa B. 1270
Nikki P. 1180
Rick P. 1070
Monica S. 995
Brett B. 955
Cheryl S. 850
Kirby B. 720
Shebin C. 710
Sheila M. 690
Jimmy P. 650
Phil R. 635
Walter C. 350
Jenn P. 350
Brian M. 340
Kevin D. 200
Ricky E. 190
Jim H. 155
David B. 150
Michael K. 125
Jordan T. 120
Darryl K. 120
Jesse G. 120
Alison S. 90
Sherwin W. 85
Joe M. 60
Suzanne C. 60
Mike K. 60
Rebecca N. 55
Richard I. 40
Brandy J. 40
Michele G. 40

Again, thanks to all of you who participated. It's been fun!