CGT Pipe Ranger Contest – Week 11 Results!

Friday, October 24, 2014


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This week's challenge was the third one in the "Riddle me this" series. The correct answer is...


Well, that was the answer if you answered before 2:45 pm, Pacific time, on Wednesday. At that point, the answer changed to 406.2.

The riddle was pointing you to the Firm Capacity Commitments page This link will open in a new window, and the answer is the Baja Path firm capacity committed for November in MDth/day.

The reason for the answer change mid-week? CGT held an Open Season on the Redwood and Baja paths, with a deadline for bids of Wednesday morning. We awarded the winning bids at noon on Wednesday, and updated the Firm Capacity Commitments page as quickly as we could. Hence the increase in the Baja Path firm commitments for November.

This week, the competitive spirit ran high! We were able to award 150 bonus points to the first 8 people who submitted correct answers. So, who's on top at the end of Week #11?

Below are the aggregate point standings, listed in descending order of points earned:

Lisa B.
Nikki P.
Rick P.
Cheryl S.
Monica S.
Brett B.
Kirby B.
Shebin C.
Sheila M.
Jimmy P.
Phil R.
Walter C.
Jenn P.
Brian M.
Kevin D.
Ricky E.
Jim H.
David B.
Michael K.
Jordan T.
Darryl K.
Alison S.
Sherwin W.
Jesse G.
Joe M.
Suzanne C.
Mike K.
Rebecca N.
Richard I.
Brandy J.
Michele G.

Thanks to all who participated in Week #11!

One more week left of the Pipe Ranger contest. Next week, we'll bring you a final bonus points opportunity! And a rule for the final week: For Week #12, we will only accept one answer from each participant.

Have a safe weekend and we'll see you on Monday!