CGT Pipe Ranger Contest – Week 10 Results!

Friday, October 17, 2014

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This week's challenge was the second one in the "Riddle me this" series. The correct answer is...

DECEMBER 21, 1998

This date marks the only time that CGT has called an Emergency Flow Order. Customers who got the correct answer were able to figure this out by going to the OFO/EFO Archive page This link will open in a new window. For ease of use, the OFO/EFO Archive page can be sorted by date, so you can see the most recent OFO we've had to call, all the way back to our first OFO in April of 1998. This page can also be sorted by "activity", giving you the ability to see system-wide OFOs grouped together, customer-specific OFOs, and our one historic EFO.

Who's on top at the end of Week #10?

Below are the aggregate point standings, listed in descending order of points earned:

Lisa B
Nikki P
Cheryl S
Rick P
Monica S
Brett B.
Kirby B.
Shebin C
Sheila M.
Phil R
Walter C
Jenn P
Brian M
Kevin D
Ricky E
Jimmy P
Jim H
David B
Jordan T
Darryl K
Michael K
Alison S
Sherwin W
Joe M
Suzanne C
Mike K
Rebecca N
Jesse G
Richard I
Brandy J
Michele G

Thanks to all who participated in Week #10!

Two more weeks left of the Pipe Ranger contest. Next week, we'll bring you another bonus points opportunity! Have a safe weekend and we'll see you on Monday!