CGT Pipe Ranger Contest – Week 9 Results!

Friday, October 10, 2014

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This week's challenge was the first one in the "Riddle me this" series. We hope you found it more fun than frustrating!

The correct answer is...


Take a look at this Pipe Ranger page to learn about the components of service and the benefits offered by CGT's storage services, including a list of value-added features. Want to line up a storage deal? Give Jaime (925.244.3515) or Shannon (925.244.3533) a call!

Who's on top at the end of Week #9?

The following people were the first five to answer correctly after noon on Monday, and therefore earned the bonus 100 points:

Rick P
Nikki P
Lisa B
Cheryl S
Brett B

Below are the aggregate point standings, listed in descending order of points earned:

Lisa B
Nikki P
Cheryl S
Rick P
Monica S
Sheila M
Kirby B
Shebin C
Brett B
Phil R
Walter C
Jenn P
Brian M
Kevin D
Ricky E
Jimmy P
Jim H
David B
Jordan T
Darryl K
Michael K
Alison S
Sherwin W
Joe M
Suzanne C
Mike K
Rebecca N
Jesse G
Richard I
Brandy J
Michele G

Thanks to all who participated in Week 9!

Only three more weeks left of the Pipe Ranger contest. One of those three weeks will have a last bonus points opportunity.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who live up north!