Redwood and Baja Path Open Season Coming Soon

Monday, October 06, 2014

Updated: Details about the Open Season will be available on Thursday, October 9th. We apologize for the delay.

--- Original Message, October 6, 8:49 a.m.---

PG&E's California Gas Transmission is anticipating that required pressure reductions on Line 401 in the coming weeks will reduce the Redwood Path maximum capacity. Our current expectation is that Redwood maximum capacity will be at 1,740 MMcf/day, starting in November.

In order to offer the remaining firm Redwood capacity and firm Baja capacity to the market in an equitable manner, CGT will be holding an open season for G-AFT and G-SFT service. Details of the open season will be available to the market here on Pipe Ranger within the next two business days.

Please stay tuned here. More details to follow.