CGT Pipe Ranger Contest - Week 8 Results!

Friday, October 03, 2014

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This week's challenge was the final "two true and one false." We weren't able to trick most of you, and we got some pretty funny comments about the possibility of a movie star in our Gas Scheduling Group. This week's correct answer...


There IS a movie star in our Gas Scheduling Group, but it's not Ed Fong. Jason Wong actually played the role of a triad gang member in the movie "Rush Hour 2."

And on a more serious note...Our yearly "Getting Ready for Winter" This link will open in a new window document is a great resource to brush up on prior to a cold weather event hitting CGT's service territory.

Statement #1 was true. Yes, INSIDEtracc is the primary method of notification in the event that CGT needs to call an OFO, but we have several other methods as well:

  • INSIDEtracc is the primary method of notification for all customers. Contact your PG&E representative for this service. Other methods of notification are secondary.
  • Noncore end-use customers who do not have INSIDEtracc and are not in an NBAA may rely primarily on e-mail notice.
  • E-mail and the Pipe Ranger Web site are methods of notification available to all customers.
  • OFO text messaging is the method PG&E uses to alert all subscribed customers with OFO/EFO information. Customers may subscribe to this service on Pipe Ranger's Subscription Services Index page This link will open in a new window.

Statement #2 was also true. In a local curtailment situation, noncore end-use customers may be curtailed if demand is forecast to exceed the capacity on a local transmission system.

Who's on top at the end of Week #8?

The following people were the first five to answer correctly, and therefore, earned the bonus 100 points:

Phil R.
Rick P.
Lisa B.
Nikki P.
Monica S.

Below are the aggregate points standings, listed in descending order of points earned:

Lisa B.
Monica S.
Nikki P.
Cheryl S.
Rick P.
Sheila M.
Shebin C.
Phil R.
Kirby B.
Walter C.
Jenn P.
Brian M.
Brett B.
Kevin D.
Ricky E.
Jimmy P.
Jim H.
David B.
Jordan T.
Darryl K.
Alison S.
Sherwin W.
Joe M.
Suzanne C.
Mike K.
Rebecca N.
Richard I.
Brandy J.
Michael K.
Michele G.
Jesse G.

Thanks to all who participated in Week 8!

This coming Monday, there will be a brand new kind of challenge, as we enter the final weeks of the Pipe Ranger Contest. And Monday, there will also be a bonus points opportunity, so catch us here on Monday!