CGT Pipe Ranger Contest - Week 7 Results!

Friday, September 26, 2014


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This week continued with our "two true and one false" challenge. Most of you are pretty savvy about your gas quality facts! This week's correct answer...


"Gas Quality is important to us. You can see the weekly BTU value for numerous BTU areas across the CGT system on our Heating Values page. We always try to get natural gas that has a BTU value of at least 1,800.00 per standard cubic foot."

The false part of that statement was the reference to a BTU value of at least 1,800.00 per standard cubic foot.

To find out what a BTU value is really all about, check out our glossary. You will find the following definition of a BTU, and you'll know that a BTU value of 1,800.00 would be unreasonably high.

British Thermal Unit (Btu)
The standard unit for measuring a quantity of thermal energy. One Btu equals the amount of thermal energy required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit and is exactly defined as equal to 1,055.05585262 joule, rounded to 1,055.056 joule, for most applications. (A joule is equal to one watt-second.)

While we're at it, what the heck is a "Btu Area?"

Btu Area
A physically identifiable area of the gas transmission and/or distribution system in which the Btu and specific gravity of the gas is measured at a single point representative of the entire area.

If you are interested in a particular end-use customer's Btu Area, you can enter their Transportation ID number at the top of our Gas Quality Information page, find out their Btu area, and then look up either the gas quality information for their particular area, or the heating value for their area.

And now, who's on top after Week 7?

(Listed in descending order of points earned)

Lisa B.
Cheryl S.
Monica S.
Nikki P.
Sheila M.
Kirby B.
Shebin C.
Jenn P.
Walter C.
Rick P.
Brett B.
Brian M.
Phil R.
Kevin D.
Ricky E.
Jimmy P.
David B.
Jordan T.
Darryl K.
Jim H.
Alison S.
Sherwin W.
Joe M.
Suzanne C.
Mike K.
Rebecca N.
Richard I.
Brandy J.
Michael K.
Michele G.
Jesse G.

Thanks to all who participated in Week 7!

A note about points: The highest number of points anyone has right now is 425. The lowest anyone has right now is 30. The top ten people have an average of 352 points each. There is still time to change the standings significantly. If you have read this far in this article, be aware that if you are one of the first 5 people to respond correctly to this coming Monday's challenge, you will receive the usual number of points, plus a bonus of 100 extra points.