CGT Pipe Ranger Contest - Week 4 Results!

Friday, September 05, 2014


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Some people's enthusiasm seems to be waning...but, four people from a certain company have indicated their STRONG desire to win! (N.P., L.B., K.B., and M.K.) Are you all going to let them take this thing??

This week's answer...


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The Leader Board after Week 4

(Listed in descending order of points earned)

Lisa B
Cheryl S
Monica S
Shebin C
Nikki P
Walter C
Sheila M
Jenn P
Kirby B
Rick P
David B
Ricky E
Jimmy P
Kevin D
Jordan T
Darryl K
Phil R
Jim H
Brian M
Sherwin W
Brett B
Alison S
Suzanne C
Mike K
Rebecca N
Richard I
Brandy J
Michael K
Michele G
Joe M
Jesse G

Thanks to all who participated in Week 4!

Monday, Week 5 will begin with a new type of challenge. See you here on Monday!