CGT Pipe Ranger Contest - Challenge #4

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

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PG&E California Gas Transmission's Pipe Ranger Contest continues with week #4. Please see any of our previous Monday articles for a recap of the rules.

Here is a little more information about CGT's points system:




  1. The first answer of the week, and the answer is correct = 75 points.
  2. The answer is received before noon Pacific time on Monday (but not the first answer) and the answer is correct = 60 points.
  3. The answer is received Monday after noon and is correct = 50 points.
  4. The answer is received on Tuesday, and is correct = 40 points.
  5. The answer is received on Wednesday and is correct = 30 points.
  6. The answer is received on Thursday and is correct = 20 points.
  7. The answer is received on Friday morning (before we publish the solution) and is correct = 15 points.
  8. The answer is received any day, but is not correct = 10 points.

The weekly points standings that are reported on Fridays are each customer's cumulative points over the course of the contest.

And now...

Challenge #4

This will be the last of our word scrambles and also pertains to doing business with CGT. Again this week, no hints and no word breaks.


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Good luck!