CGT Pipe Ranger Contest - Week 3 Results!

Friday, August 29, 2014

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Clearly, CGT's customers are the smartest around! Lots of people responded VERY quickly and correctly to the Week 3 scramble.

And the answer is...


PG&E's California Gas Transmission offers parking, lending, and storage services through its Golden Gate Market Center. The Golden Gate Market Center is powered by CGT's broad portfolio of storage assets which include its three gas storage facilities: Los Medanos near Concord, McDonald Island near Stockton and Pleasant Creek near Sacramento, as well as a 25% interest in Gill Ranch Storage Field. This portfolio of assets allows CGT to offer both short- and long-term transactions that can be tailored to your particular needs.

Contact your CGT Sales Representative if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

  • Short gas at any point on CGT's system at anytime (We can loan you gas!)
  • Long gas at any point on CGT's system at anytime (We can park your gas!)
  • Short or long and without a counterparty at the Imbalance Trading deadline (We can structure a quick storage deal!)
  • Staring at a seasonal storage deal that you would like to lock in (Just call us!)

The Leader Board after Week 3

(Listed in descending order of points earned)

Lisa B.
Cheryl S.
Monica S.
Ricky E.
David B.
Shebin C.
Sheila M.
Jenn P.
Nikki P.
Jimmy P.
Kirby B.
Walter C.
Jordan T.
Darryl K.
Phil R.
Rick P.
Kevin D.
Sherwin W.
Suzanne C.
Mike K.
Alison S.
Jim H.
Brian M.
Rebecca N.
Richard I.
Brandy J.
Brett B.
Joe M.
Jesse G.

Thanks to all who participated in Week 3! The point standings are shifting considerably week to week...Who will be the ultimate winner?

Tuesday, Week 4 will begin with a new challenge. Have a safe, enjoyable Labor Day weekend!