CGT Pipe Ranger Contest - Week 2 Results!

Friday, August 22, 2014


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Were you able to unscramble our Week 2 challenge in the Pipe Ranger contest?

.....And the answer is:


Nominations can be reduced to zero for a gas flow day after Timely and Evening cycles are completed and before the Intraday 1 deadline of 8:00 a.m., Pacific time. If a user attempts to reduce the scheduled volume below the "floor" for either an ID1 or ID2 nomination, INSIDEtracc will display a dialog box indicating the calculated "floor" volume. The calculation determines what portion of the nomination has already flowed at the time a user wishes to reduce it. The user will not be allowed to decrease the nomination below the calculated "floor" volume.

For more information about elapsed proration, please refer to this article. This link will open in a new window

The Leader Board after Week 2

(Listed in descending order of points earned)

Lisa B.
Kirby B.
Walter C.
Cheryl S.
Sheila M.
Jenn P.
Monica S.
Jimmy P.
Ricky E.
Shebin C.
Jordan T.
David B.
Rick P.
Darryl K.
Nikki P.
Sherwin W.
Phil R.
Suzanne C.
Mike K.
Jim H.
Brian M.
Richard I.
Rebecca N.
Brandy J.
Kevin D.
Alison S.
Joe M.
Jesse G.
Brett B.

Thanks to all who participated in Week 2! Monday, Week 3 will begin with a new challenge. See you in this spot on Monday!