Baja Path Capacity

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Currently, the Baja Path capacity is shown as 1003 MMcf/day on California Gas Transmission's Pipeline Maintenance page.This link will open in a new window However, the actual volume flowing on the Baja Path can be higher on any given day, under certain operating conditions. The Maintenance notes currently in place related to the Baja Path maintenance have been modified to better reflect this situation.

The 1003 MMcf/day capacity limit is the maximum capacity on the Baja Path if there is no gas moving off system at either Freemont Peak (Kern River's High Desert Lateral) or Kern River Station (into SoCal Gas's system).

In non-winter months, even with today's pressure reductions, a higher volume of gas can flow onto the Baja Path and through the Hinkley Compressor Station, than the stated maximum. More gas can flow through Hinkley than can flow through the Kettleman Compressor Station, so the Baja Path can accept more volumes upstream of Hinkley, flowing through Hinkley, and then going off system, prior to reaching Kettleman. The Capacity Impacts at Kettleman or Hinkley system mapThis link will open in a new window helps to illustrate this relationship.

We hope this helps clarify the current operating conditions. Please contact a CGT Sales Representative if you have questions.

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