Storage System Maintenance Coming in March

Friday, February 21, 2014

Updated: Recent unscheduled maintenance also impacts this time period

An unscheduled outage of a compressor unit at the Los Medanos storage facility has dropped California Gas Transmission's injection capability by 100 MMcf/day starting immediately. This outage, in conjunction with the planned maintenance explained below, will limit CGT's injection capacity for the time period of March 26 through March 31, 2014, to 150 MMcf/day. The Los Medanos outage is not expected to have additional impact on withdrawal capabilities during this time period.

Please contact your CGT Sales Representative with questions.

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Ongoing maintenance is a necessity in ensuring the safety of PG&E's California Gas Transmission system. Such maintenance will be impacting CGT's storage system during the second half of March. Traditionally, March is a good time to schedule storage system maintenance, being a relatively quiet time at the tail end of withdrawal season, and a prime time to prepare for the injection season starting on April 1st.

CGT's forecast maximum withdrawal capability going into the month of March is 1,000 MMcf/day. Scheduled maintenance starting on March 15, 2014 is forecast to reduce maximum withdrawal from all of CGT's storage facilities to 680 MMcf/day. A second scheduled maintenance will commence on March 26th, bringing maximum withdrawal capability to a forecasted 300 MMcf/day for the period of March 26 through March 31. As of April 1, the second maintenance activity will be completed and maximum withdrawal capability is expected to be approximately 680 MMcf/day.

Please be aware that these withdrawal numbers are our best forecasts, based on expected activity. Actual system activity will, of course, impact these numbers. Please stay tuned to Pipe Ranger's Pipeline Status page This link will open in a new window for the most up-to-date information related to CGT's system.

Please contact your CGT Sales Representative with questions.

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