Now Appearing – Scheduling Cycle Status Indicator

Friday, October 18, 2013


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You may notice a new feature on the Pipe Ranger home page today. It is the "Scheduling Cycle Status" indicator!

PG&E's California Gas Transmission is pleased to bring you this new feature that shows, real time, the status of nomination cycles for today and tomorrow. The four color indicators will tell you the processing status for each of the four nomination cycles.

  • The white "Unprocessed" bar indicates that nothing is currently happening with that particular cycle. From midnight to approximately 8:15 am, Pacific time, all four cycles will show "Unprocessed."
  • The gray "Processing" bar indicates that the deadline has passed for a particular cycle and the INSIDEtracc system is currently processing either the confirm process or the schedule process for that nomination cycle.
  • The orange "Confirmed" bar means that the confirmed process has completed and the 100 Reports are unlocked for that cycle.
  • The green "Scheduled" bar indicates that the scheduled process has completed and the 110 Reports are unlocked and available to you.

No more logging into INSIDEtracc to see if your nominations are processed, just check out Pipe Ranger!