PG&E Total Gas in Inventory

Friday, September 27, 2013


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Customers have asked PG&E's California Gas Transmission to provide "total gas in storage inventory" on Pipe Ranger. We are happy to announce that we are now providing that information!

You can see this daily number on the Current Pipeline StatusThis link will open in a new window page, on the bottom-most chart, "PG&E Recent Storage Activity (Scheduled Volumes)." You will also be able to track this inventory number over time, starting with information for September 23, 2013, by viewing the "Storage Activity Archive"This link will open in a new window page.

To better understand the "PG&E Total Gas in Storage" number, please be aware of the following:

  • This represents the inventory in all of PG&E's storage facilities, including McDonald Island, Pleasant Creek, Los Medanos, and PG&E's 25% ownership share of Gill Ranch Storage.
  • This number shows working gas in storage. It does not include cushion gas. The maximum working gas in PG&E storage facilities is 105,000 MMcf.
  • For a particular day, the number shown represents the inventory at the beginning of that gas day (conversely, the number represents the total inventory in storage at the end of the previous gas day).
  • Once a month, there will be an adjustment made to this number to reflect gas used at storage facilities. This adjustment will happen around the middle of the month.

We hope you find this new information valuable. Please contact your CGT Representative if you have questions.

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