Ranking Changes Coming to INSIDEtracc Soon!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

We heard your voice! You want more control over how your nominations are prioritized. So, after a year of analysis, programming, and testing, ranking changes are coming to the INSIDEtracc system very soon!

PG&E's California Gas Transmission will deploy the new ranking functionality in mid-October. This article is the first step in a communication plan to ensure that everyone is knowledgeable and ready. With implementation of the programming changes, INSIDEtracc will handle a few things differently. Here are some of the changes coming:

  • Changing Rank - Customers can change rank on any nomination at any time. The new rank will apply to the total volume of that nomination for the entire gas day.
  • Pool Balancing - When balancing a customer's pool, INSIDEtracc will only use the customer's ranking; cycle will be ignored.
  • Capacity Allocation and Ranking - Between customers, cycle and transportation service priority (firm versus as available by price) will be used to allocate capacity through a constrained point, just like it is today. In the future, if a customer has more than one impacted nomination with the same transportation service priority through the constraint point, CGT will use the customer's ranking to distribute the allocated volume.
  • Two-Party Nominations - INSIDEtracc will no longer allow two-party nominations where transportation is required. This means that the same party must own, or have agency rights to use, the source contract, destination contract, and the transportation exhibit. Two-party nominations will still be allowed for pool-to-pool transactions at the same interconnect.

Again, this is the first communication regarding INSIDEtracc changes due to the implementation of ranking, but not the last! Stay tuned for additional information and training opportunities. In the meantime, please contact CGT's Gas Scheduling team with any questions.