Kick-start Your Morning with A Morning Revamp

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Let's face it - in this business it pays to get an early start. To help kick-start your morning, California Gas Transmission is pleased to announce that end-use customer gas meter data is now available for customers 45 minutes earlier each morning.

In the past, meter data was downloaded to INSIDEtracc around 5:08 a.m., Pacific time. Now, that same data is downloaded to our system by approximately 4:23 a.m., PT, giving you a 45 minute earlier start to your day. We have heard from you that this is particularly important during the Daylight Savings Time months (March to November) - but this change will be in place all year long. That means your first cup of coffee can also be 45 minutes earlier; MMMmmmm!

The latest meter data can be found by running a 400 Report (Daily Gas Usage by Agent) or 405 Report (Daily Gas Usage by Agent, Monthly Summary) in INSIDEtracc, then viewing the data through an Actuate or PDF report, or downloading the data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Thank you for sharing your business needs with us - we value your feedback. Meter data earlier to serve you better - that's a concept we can stand behind!