Who Ya Gonna Call?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Effective July 15, 2013, PG&E's California Gas Transmission will no longer be providing the "Daily OFO Recording" as option #1 on the CGT Helpline (1.800.343.4743).

Currently, if you call CGT's Helpline and choose option #1, you get a message that indicates if there is (or is not) an OFO for tomorrow's gas day. We believe that this is not customers' preferred method of finding out about OFO status.

There are four other ways to gain this information: By looking on Pipe Ranger, by receiving an OFO text message on your phone, by receiving an OFO e-mail in your mailbox, and by viewing the notification in INSIDEtracc (On the Nominations drop-down menu, choose "Notifications"). These four other methods will continue to be available after July 15th.

In the future, CGT will be repurposing the option #1 on the Helpline to be used exclusively for providing messages to the market in the event of a disaster within PG&E's service territory (e.g. a major earthquake) that would render our usual channels of communication unavailable. Once option #1 is repurposed, we will let you know via a Pipe Ranger article.

CGT Helpline option #2 (Scheduling Group), option #3 (Account Manager Group) and option #4 (Sales Representative Group) will continue to be available.

Please contact your CGT Account Manager with any questions.

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