Possible Holding and/or Allocations for the Next Few Days

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

California Gas Transmission is anticipating continued demand conditions that are very dynamic and continued market conditions that are very dynamic over the next several days. Please be aware of the following:

- With the waning of this week's heat wave in PG&E's service territory and the upcoming holiday weekend, we are anticipating reduced load over the next few days.

- Due to continued high inventories, especially on the Redwood path, at every nomination cycle CGT will be evaluating the need to hold interconnect constraints and path limits to the previous nomination cycle's limits. We will also be continuing to assess the need for Redwood path allocations, with possible impact to Independent Storage Provider's storage withdrawals.

- CGT recommends that customers pay special attention to balancing gas demand with supply throughout this period, as this will help minimize the need for OFOs and other operational constraints.

Please keep your eyes on the Pipe Ranger website and INSIDEtracc notices over the next several days. Every day of the year, including holidays, the CGT Schedulers are available to assist you. The CGT Sales Representatives are on-call on the holiday and throughout the weekend as well.

We very much appreciate your cooperation.