Subscription Services Available

Thursday, June 27, 2013

California Gas Transmission loves to make our customers happy. One way to accomplish that is by using our subscription services to give customers a heads-up on issues that may affect their business. There's no open enrollment period, so you can sign up anytime!

1. E-Mail Cut Reports - Designed for INSIDEtracc users who place nominations on PG&E's system, wanting to know how their nominations are looking after processing has been completed. These reports are e-mailed to the subscriber eight times a day: once after nominations have been confirmed and once after nominations have been scheduled, for each of the four cycles per gas day.

2. OFO Text Message - Used by CGT to notify subscribers of Operational Flow Order information on days an OFO event is called.

3. OFO Key Indicators - Charts are delivered by e-mail and provide visual cues as to the likelihood of an OFO for the gas day shown, developed using Pipe Ranger's operations data from Plan 5.

4. Pipe Ranger E-XPRESS - Messages regarding significant changes to gas tariffs, business processes, and regulatory issues are sent out as needed using this list.

5. Pipeline Maintenance Alert - Notifies subscribers that a change has been made to the Pipeline Maintenance News page.

Choose one or all of our services to meet your needs. Happiness. It's all about you.