Customer Code List

Thursday, August 16, 2012

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At PG&E's California Gas Transmission "Voice of the Customer" meetings in May, one small request we heard was for a list of the four-digit customer codes and the related customer names for use when placing nominations in the INSIDEtracc system. We are pleased to provide you with this new Customer Code List!

The list will be updated as necessary and will always be available in the Pipe Ranger library. If you would like to export the list into some other tool, such as Excel, simply open up the Customer Code List page in Pipe Ranger, click on the "File" option on your toolbar, choose "Save As," select "Text File (*.txt)" as the file type, and then open the text file within Excel.

If your company name and code is not on the list, but you'd like to be included, simply e-mail your request to CGT Services.

We hope this new list makes your job a little bit easier!

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