Customer Satisfaction Action - Instant Messaging

Friday, May 11, 2012

customer satisfaction action image

When you see this icon during the next year, it means that California Gas Transmission is about to do something to make you a more satisfied customer! You shared your thoughts with us, we heard you, and we took action. We plan to bring you several Satisfaction Actions in the months to come, and we hope this icon triggers a feeling of happy anticipation when you see it.

Our first Customer Satisfaction Action: Instant messaging with the California Gas Transmission Gas Schedulers! Beginning today, customers can contact CGT's Gas Scheduling team using instant messaging.

When coming up with our AOL Instant Messaging "buddy" name, we thought about something fun, like CGTgas4U, GotGas?, or WhoLovesYouBaby, but instead decided to go with the simple CGTScheduling1.

One of CGT's Gas Scheduling team members will be monitoring the new scheduling AIM account, CGTScheduling1, each day. When you contact us via IM, our scheduling team will reply back with an answer or let you know if your issue will take time to research, and then phone you back with a response.

CGTScheduling1 happily joins the ranks of IM!

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