Committed Firm Capacities on Redwood and Baja - Updated

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In order to help customers better estimate and anticipate levels of cuts that may occur for firm transportation nominations this year, California Gas Transmission is providing the committed firm transportation capacities for both the Baja and Redwood paths in the table below. This information is an update and continuation of the table in the September 2011 article previously published on Pipe Ranger.

Month Committed Capacity - Baja Path (MDth/day) Committed Capacity - Redwood Path (MDth/day)
Jan 2012 1100.7 1509.8
Feb 2012 1100.7 1509.8
Mar 2012 779.7 1509.8
Apr 2012 779.7 1683.0
May 2012 779.7 1683.0
Jun 2012 779.7 1683.0
Jul 2012 779.7 1683.0
Aug 2012 779.7 1683.0
Sep 2012 779.7 1683.0
Oct 2012 779.7 1684.1

In order to get a rough estimate of an individual customer's firm cut level on any day, one can look at the relevant path capacity on the Pipeline Maintenance News page and compare it to the committed firm capacity for that month. For example: If the posted capacity for the Baja Path is 680 MMcf/day and the committed firm capacity for March is 779.7 MDth/day, then a rough expectation for firm volumes to flow would be 87%. Inversely, the rough estimate of levels of firm cuts would be 13%.

CGT hopes customers find this information useful. Please contact your CGT Account Services or Sales Representative if you have questions.

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