Ongoing Pressure Restoration

Thursday, October 13, 2011

As we prepare for winter, PG&E's California Gas Transmission is diligently working to restore pressures on its system. At key locations on the transmission system, we have initiated processes to restore pipeline pressures including, when necessary, making approval filings with and notifications to the California Public Utilities Commission. We are anticipating that in the first week of November, we will be able to report our progress on and provide additional specific information about our pressure restorations efforts.

Although we have more work to do than can possibly get done before the end of the year, we are prioritizing that work with a focus on restoring the most pipeline capacity and pipeline inventory as possible prior to winter. We feel we have turned a corner on this pressure reduction work, and we are optimistic about returning some much needed capacity and inventory flexibility to the system for the upcoming winter.

Please be aware, however, that the Company is continuing with its safety validation process and ongoing analyses to ensure the safety and integrity of its pipeline; these processes will continue through 2012 and most of 2013. As these efforts continue, we may find additional issues that require additional pressure reductions until mitigation work is completed. We will continue to bring you the most up-to-date information possible here on Pipe Ranger.

Ensuring pipeline safety is our top priority and we know that the safe, reliable operation of our pipeline is important to our customers. PG&E will continue to work hard to return flexibility to the system by increasing inventory and capacity to the pipeline as safety work is completed, and approvals/notifications are made. We thank you for your patience during this time of extraordinary levels of pipeline work.

Questions? Please contact your CGT Account Services or Sales Representative.