OFO Tolerance Bands and Non-compliance Charges May Change

Friday, October 07, 2011

Each day since August 5, 2011, PG&E's California Gas Transmission has called a High/Low Inventory OFO with a tolerance band of 15% in each direction, and a non-compliance charge of $0.25/Dth.

With spreads to future months increasing, CGT may find it necessary to increase the High/Low OFO non-compliance charge. Likewise there is always a chance that the tolerance bands may need to change in response to forecasted supply and demand.

Rather than being caught off-guard, please note the OFO tolerance bands and non-compliance charges each day via the OFO Text Message, the Shipper Notice e-mail, or the posting on Pipe Ranger. Thank you for you daily attention and diligence in balancing.

If you have any questions, please contact your CGT Sales, Services, or Scheduling Representative.