Query OFO/EFO Forecast Screen

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Beginning on gas day July 8, 2011, California Gas Transmission started calling simultaneous High and Low Inventory Operational Flow Orders (OFOs) to better manage reduced system inventory as a result of ongoing pipeline pressure reduction work. As mentioned in a prior Pipe Ranger article, these new High/Low OFOs necessitated updates to CGT's Pipe Ranger website and the INSIDEtracc nomination system.

CGT has many tools available to help customers manage OFOs. We believe, however, that the Query OFO/EFO Forecast screen in INSIDEtracc can be confusing and non-helpful. Many INSIDEtracc users were contacted to determine if the screen was being accessed, as well as how the information was being used or interpreted. The results of these calls indicated that the screen does not provide useful information to our customers and is not being actively used. This has led CGT to the decision to disable the Query OFO/EFO Forecast screen in INSIDEtracc in early October.

Alternate tools and sources of information related to OFOs can be found within INSIDEtracc and on CGT's Pipe Ranger website.

In INSIDEtracc, information is available via the:


  • Query Usage screen, found by navigating to Usage, Query Usage
  • 900 Report (Flow Order Event Customer Summary)
  • 400 Report (Daily Gas Usage by Agent)

On Pipe Ranger, information is available via the:


Please call your CGT representative by September 19 if you have questions, comments, or concerns with CGT's plan to disable the Query OFO/EFO Forecast screen. Your representative would be happy to provide training on these tools to help you manage your business during OFO events.

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