Unanticipated Reduction in Pipeline Pressure Last Friday

Monday, August 08, 2011

As reported on the Pipeline Maintenance News page Friday evening (August 5, 2011), PG&E's California Gas Transmission (CGT) had to make an unanticipated reduction in pressure on Line 300B as a result of CGT's ongoing pipeline class location review. This necessary action, in combination with parallel work already occurring on Line 300A, caused the Baja Path capacity to be reduced to 337 MMcf/day.

CGT continues to perform inspections and work to support restoration to a higher gas pressure on its system and will conclude pressure reductions on Line 300B when it is safe to do so. CGT is anticipating the Baja Path capacity will increase by August 17, when parallel work on Line 300A is completed.

CGT acknowledges that this unanticipated reduction was burdensome to the market, especially as the timing coincided with a weekend. CGT apologizes for this late notification and is working hard to more smoothly coordinate the myriad work efforts on the transmission system this summer.

As has been done in recent months, CGT is providing reservation charge relief to remedy firm volume cuts which have affected customers' ability to utilize their firm capacity.

Thank you for your ongoing patience. Please contact your CGT Sales, Account Services or Scheduling Representative with any questions you may have.