Ruby Pipeline Interconnect Now Available

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Nominations are now being accepted starting gas day July 28 for the new Ruby Interconnect point. Please contact California Gas Transmission's Gas Scheduling team for assistance with Ruby INSIDEtracc nominations.


--- Original Message, July 20, 2011, 5:00 p.m. ---

PG&E's California Gas Transmission is eagerly awaiting the go-live date for the new interconnection with Ruby Pipeline, expected next week. Ruby Pipeline, L.L.C. will bring Rocky Mountain gas to a new receipt point into CGT's Redwood Path at Onyx Hills, near the California/Oregon border near Malin.

How will this impact you in making nominations on INSIDEtracc?

Canadian gas will continue to enter CGT's system through the TransCanada-GTN interconnect at Malin. As it is today, this interconnect will continue to be identified as "MAL" and your GTN Malin pools are identified as "MLxxxxx".

The interconnect with Ruby Pipeline will be a totally separate interconnect, located approximately 2 miles from the GTN interconnect. The new interconnect is named "Onyx Hills" and will be identified as "OXH". As CGT mentioned in an article in February, every active customer has already been assigned pools related to the Ruby interconnect. These pools are identified as "OXxxxxx".

The maximum capacity anticipated at Onxy Hills will be approximately 1.52 Bcf/day. Malin's maximum capacity is an average of approximately 2.18 Bcf/day, and the Redwood Path capacity continues at an approximate maximum capacity of 2.15 Bcf/day. Both interconnects will use RON (Redwood On-System) or ROF (Redwood Off-System) transportation service to move gas either to the Citygate or to off-system locations. When necessary, CGT constraints can be applied in INSIDEtracc separately for the Onyx Hills interconnect, the Malin interconnect, and the Redwood Path.

Click this link This link will open in a new window for a schematic representation of the interconnects into CGT's system at the California/Oregon border.

Please contact your CGT Sales, Services, or Scheduling Representatives with questions you may have regarding this new interconnect.

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