Redwood Path Capacity Increase

Thursday, July 14, 2011

PG&E's California Gas Transmission is reporting an increase from 1805 to 1850 MMcf/day for the Redwood Path maximum available capacity starting on July 14 on the Pipeline Maintenance News page.

As reported last week, CGT has had to reduce pressure on many segments of its backbone pipeline system to ensure that the segments' normal operating pressures are appropriate. All pressure reductions have been completed, and CGT is now carrying out the mitigating work on those segments. In some cases, the work will simply involve additional inspections and in some cases, actual pipeline replacement. At this time, the work on some segments has been completed and those segments have been returned to regular operating pressures, resulting in the increase in the Redwood Path maximum capacity.

As this work continues, CGT will continue to update the capacities on the Pipeline Maintenance News page to provide you the most current information. Please be aware that small increases (or decreases) in capacity, such as the one announced here, will not significantly increase the system inventory, therefore will not alleviate the need for ongoing High/Low Inventory OFOs. CGT anticipates that we will continue calling High/Low Inventory OFOS daily for the foreseeable future.

Questions? Please contact your CGT Sales, Account Service, or Scheduling Representative.