Baja Path Capacities for Gas Day June 22

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

As California Gas Transmission explained in an article last week, the Baja Path capacities which are posted on the Pipeline Maintenance News page are conservative estimates, given many factors, including the mix of volumes expected to flow through four different interconnect points (Topock North, Topock South, Essex, and Daggett). For tomorrow's gas day, June 22, we are seeing Timely nomination volumes that are a different mix than our estimates listed on the Pipeline Maintenance News page.

CGT's objective is to maximize our flowing volumes to the greatest extent that we can, based on the actual nominations for the gas day in question. For Timely cycle nominations for tomorrow's gas day, we were able to accommodate all requested volumes at the Baja interconnect points in the mix requested. Based on Timely confirmed nominations, the expected capacities for tomorrow's gas day are:

Total Baja Path: 565 MMcf/day
Daggett Interconnect: 160 MMcf/day
Essex Interconnect: 0 MMcf/day
Topock Interconnect: 405 MMcf/day

Scheduled Timely cycle nominations, once processed, will be reflected on the Scheduled Volumes by Path page.

Please contact your CGT Scheduling, Services, or Trading Representative with questions.