Reduced Operating Pressure at Topock Compressor Station

Friday, March 25, 2011

PG&E's California Gas Transmission finds it necessary to reduce the maximum operating pressure on the inlet side of the Topock Compressor Station, located at the start of the Baja Path on the California/Arizona border. The pressure reduction is a result of our ongoing integrity assurance program and is expected to continue through August of 2011. This pressure reduction situation is not related to the San Bruno pipeline rupture of September 2010.

The pressure reduction affects the capacity of the station to transmit gas received from the El Paso Natural Gas (EPNG) and Transwestern Pipelines (TW) upstream of the Topock station. If the total nominations received at the EPNG and TW interconnect points exceed the total compressor station input capacity on any gas day, the EPNG and TW interconnect receipt volumes will be reduced to allocate the available capacity according to Gas Rule 14 This link will open in a new window

This scenario may occur if the combined receipt point volume nominations of EPNG and TW interconnects exceeds 950 MMcfd. The maximum combined capacity on any given day may be adjusted dependent on operating conditions. Daily physical interconnect capacities This link will open in a new window are available on Pipe Ranger.

CGT will update you as this situation changes over time. Please contact your CGT Account Services Representative or the CGT Scheduling Group with questions.