Gill Ranch Storage Field Operating Data

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

As the Gill Ranch Storage Field is now in service, PG&E's California Gas Transmission has incorporated the Gill Ranch storage activity on the Operating Data pages. CGT has found that the volumes on various tables may need a little explanation.

The tables labeled "PG&E Supply and Demand Forecast" and "PG&E Recent Supply and Demand Data" both show physical flows. Therefore, the "Gill Ranch Storage" injection line or withdrawal line represents 100% of the gas flowing into or out of the field.

The tables labeled "PG&E Storage Activity Forecast" and "PG&E Recent Storage Activity" both show scheduled volumes. The injection or withdrawal scheduled volumes showing on the "Gill Ranch Storage" lines represent Gill Ranch Storage LLC's 75% interest in the field, as that is the portion that is scheduled specifically.

Because PG&E markets its 25% interest in the Gill Ranch Storage field as a part of its overall storage services, PG&E's portion of the injection or withdrawal from Gill Ranch will show up on the "PG&E Storage, Core and Market Center" injection or withdrawal lines, as a part of CGT's total storage activities utilizing all of its storage assets, rather than being identified with any specific storage field.

The "Supply and Demand Archive" pages and the "Storage Activity Archive" pages do not yet show Gill Ranch Storage activity. We are currently working on getting these archive pages updated and we apologize for the delay. In the interim, if you need archived Gill Ranch Storage information, please contact your CGT Account Services Representative.

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