What Have We Done for You Lately?

Monday, October 18, 2010

No great fireworks, no cheering in the streets. But even in a lean year, California Gas Transmission tries hard to focus on any improvements we can make to our customers' experience.

Here are some small improvements we made during 2010, which we hope have made your dealings with us a little easier.

  • Minimizing Baja Path firm interruptions - During the summer, an extensive retrofit project at the Kettleman Compressor Station, required to reduce NOx emissions, threatened to interrupt firm capacity flows on the Baja Path. Our Sales team was able to work with customers to swap firm capacity deals over to the Redwood Path for the duration of the project, resulting in a win-win situation for all.
  • Report change successes - During the second half of the year, CGT worked very hard to make improvements to several INSIDEtracc reports, correcting small problems that made some reports less than letter-perfect. Improvements were made to the 770A through F Reports (Exhibits to the GTSA), the 570 Report (Market Center Activity), the 900 Report (Flow Order Event Customer Summary), the 575 Report (Monthly Commitment Report) and the 793 Report (E-Status of Reports). However, our finest moment came during March. At the beginning of March, the 502 Report (Activity by Customer) was taking up to three hours to run. By the beginning of April, CGT had reduced the run time to less than 30 seconds! We heard you on that one!
  • New subscription service available - In March, we made a new subscription service available, providing you the ability to sign up to receive the OFO Key Indicators. These are graphical representations of the CGT pipeline inventory status delivered right to your e-mail box or Blackberry.
  • New Kettleman capacity constraint point and new map - In June, CGT added a new capacity constraint point to its INSIDEtracc system. By adding the Kettleman Compressor Station constraint point to the nomination process, CGT can more efficiently and accurately schedule volumes on the Baja Path. We also provided a detailed map of this portion of our system to aid in understanding these flows.
  • Meter data reliability improvements - CGT knows how important daily meter data is to many of you. Our Account Services Rep team is working closely with the meter data collection organization to improve the accuracy and timeliness of the daily meter data. Although improvements have been incremental to date, we are committed to solid improvements in this area over the next few months and consider this one of our top priorities.
  • Yet to come: More understandable cut codes - Our Gas Scheduling Group is working on two tools which will be coming to you Schedulers within the month. One is a cut code "crib sheet" which will have easier-to-understand explanations for the commonly seen cut codes. The second is a new, detailed map of our system which we hope you will find helpful.

We want you to know how important it is to the folks at CGT to provide you with the best experience possible, each and every day. We hope we've made some small strides in customer satisfaction during 2010.