New Subscription Service Now Available

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pacific Gas and Electric Company's California Gas Transmission has gathered information that may be considered as key for determining whether or not an OFO may be called by PG&E. This information is based on gas operations data and developed as a series of graphs and charts. These charts provide visual cues as to the likelihood of an OFO for the gas day shown. Based on customer feedback, CGT is pleased to announce a new subscription service that will deliver these key indicators to your e-mail address.

This sample e-mail This link will open in a new window is an example of the graphs and charts you'll receive: System Capacities, OFO Danger Level, Forecast of Total Customer Imbalance, and System Under- and Over-Delivery Capacity, to name a few.

To subscribe to this service, sign up for the OFO Key Indicators on CGT's Pipe Ranger Web site and have this information sent to your e-mail address.

Note: If you are currently receiving this information, you do not need to re-subscribe for this service.

Just one more way to stay connected.

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