December, 2009 - It's Quiz Time!

Friday, December 11, 2009

As we always say, "If you've got a free weekend, you might as well take the SNL quiz This link will open in a new window!"

The deadline is fast approaching for submitting your answers to the SNL quiz. So sit back, relax, have a nice cup of hot cocoa, and get those pens, pencils, and keyboards ready. We're looking forward to your entries!

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It's quiz time! Now's your chance to test your knowledge of California Gas Transmission's INSIDEtracc system.

The quiz This link will open in a new window questions have all been taken from the monthly SNL articles published on Pipe Ranger since February, 2009. Answer all questions and submit your responses to CGT by close of business Monday, December 21, using the Submit button on the form.

Results will be tallied and five winners will be randomly drawn from those whose answers are all correct. Winners will be announced Wednesday, December 23. Enter now to win...and good luck!!

SNL quiz This link will open in a new window

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