Happy Days are Here Again!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Effective Tuesday, March 24th, California Gas Transmission will deploy two modifications to the INSIDEtracc system that we believe customers will be very happy about.

The first is a correction to a Buyer / Seller mismatch problem. Currently, Customer A enters a nomination for the Timely cycle. Customer B enters a matching nomination for the Evening cycle. INSIDEtracc is not matching the nominations together until the Intraday 1 cycle. The correction in place starting Tuesday will match these two nominations in the Evening Cycle.

The second modification corrects what has been known as the "Sched Vol 02" problem. Customer A and Customer B have a matching nomination for the Timely cycle. Customer B decreases their nomination between the Confirm and Schedule processes of the Timely cycle. Currently, the decrease takes effect immediately and shows a "SchVol-02" cut code. At this point it is unclear to parties if the resulting cuts they are seeing are due to an upstream interconnect issue or a matching party nomination.

The modification effective Tuesday will result in the following INSIDEtracc actions:


  • If a customer decreases a nomination between the Confirm and Schedule processes of the current cycle (e.g. Timely), the change will be held until the next cycle (e.g. Evening).
  • The SchVol-02 cut code will go back to the original message of "Upstream Interconnect Cut" which will only be applied during the Schedule process.
  • If a customer is decreasing a nomination between the Confirm and Schedule processes, the Elapsed Prorata Scheduled Quantity (EPSQ) floor will be projected (i.e. estimated).
  • A decrease after a cycle has been scheduled and prior to the next cycle deadline will continue to reflect the actual EPSQ.
  • If a customer attempts to change a nomination between the cycle deadline and the completion of the Confirm process, they will receive a message to wait until the Confirm process has been completed.

If you have questions, please contact the CGT Gas Scheduling Team or a CGT Account Services Representative at 800.343.4743.