Nom Decreases Between Confirm and Schedule Processes

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

California Gas Transmission (CGT) is continuing to work with customers on short- and long-term solutions to the confusion caused when a nomination is reduced between the confirm and schedule processes (the "SchedVol02" problem). This past week, CGT held three conference calls to discuss the problem and get customers' perspectives. The feedback was helpful! CGT will be getting back to all those who participated in the calls between now and the end of the year with an informal survey asking customers to rank the possible solutions.

In the meantime, we are asking for your continued cooperation. Please refrain from submitting a nomination decrease between the confirm process and the schedule process. I.e., please wait until after the schedule process is completed and you have run your 110 report before you reduce a nomination that was processed within that nomination cycle. This is one effective way to eliminate confusion about who was cut and why.

If you need to reduce a nomination before the schedule process is completed, but due to time-constraints, can't wait, the CGT Gas Schedulers will be happy to help. In this instance, you can fax or e-mail your nomination decrease to our Schedulers and they will be happy to wait until the schedule process is completed and then enter your nom decrease for you. Note that this assistance only relates to nomination decreases, and please precede any faxed or e-mailed nomination with a phone call to our Schedulers.

As a final note, please be aware that when a nomination has been decreased between the confirm process and the schedule process, the confusion has been eliminated by the conclusion of that particular gas day, and all parties have been able to clearly see the intended impact of the reductions in nominations.

If you have questions or need assistance with a nom reduction, please contact CGT's Gas Schedulers at 1.800.343.4743.