Create Market Center Trades Online

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"No more faxes, no more delays, no more paper Market Center trades!"

California Gas Transmission would like to take time to promote our new INSIDEtracc function - Create Market Center Trades. Customers who make Market Center trades historically fax trade information to CGT for processing. With implementation of our recent system changes, customers may now access a new report to see their monthly Market Center commitments, and a new balancing screen to enter their individual trades.

New Report:

The new 575 Report ("Monthly Commitments Report") shows information about your specific Market Center accounts, and is similar to the monthly Golden Gate Market Center commitments letter sent to you each month. This report will allow you to easily see your account balances and help you determine trades you may desire to make during the month.

To run this report, access the Reports, My Reports navigation link within INSIDEtracc. Scroll down to the 575 Report, then click the Query Reports icon to the left of the report name. Enter the appropriate parameters and click the Submit button. You will receive confirmation that the report has been submitted. View the report by navigating to Reports, View/Print Requested Reports.

Note: With this new enhancement, the monthly Market Center commitments letter will no longer be sent to customers.

Market Center Balancing Screen:

To access this function within INSIDEtracc, navigate to Balancing, Create Market Center Trades. Enter the volume for the trade, and the source and destination account information for the trade. Click the Submit button and you're done!

Market Center trades can be made any day of the month, and now at your convenience. Please contact a CGT Sales Representative with any questions you may have about this new Market Center resource.

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