Rollout Date Rolled Out; October Off-System Noms Clarified

Monday, September 29, 2008

INSIDEtracc Rollout

Previously, California Gas Transmission announced October 8 as the implementation date for upcoming INSIDEtracc changes. In an effort to bring our customers the best product and enhancements available, CGT is moving the rollout date to October 21, 2008. As a result of this date change, CGT will be conducting additional sessions to recap upcoming system changes. For those who may have missed previous training sessions, the recap dates will be October 15 and 20.

October Nominations Clarified

CGT would like to clarify statements made during training sessions regarding nominations for the month of October.

Any on-system nominations may be baseloaded as normal for the entire month.

For off-system nominations using DD pools, CGT is asking customers to input October nominations for gas days October 1 through 21 only. Once the new system changes are in place on October 21, off-system delivery nominations should be placed for the remainder of the month, using the downstream contract number as the Destination ID. This date split is only for off-system nominations using DD pools.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to bring you these system enhancements.